Sunday, December 25, 2011


I was a college instructor;
Unbearably tending to my class;
In math, history or geography;
Until a voice rang out, saying;
Put ye on your shoes;
For the instructorship thou are;
Is an unholy place of the riches;
Forgo ye this land, and come with me;
I’ve prepare a place for you in theology;
Where you’ll ride in jets above the sky so high;
Above the paupers of your congregations;
For verily, from he that has not;
More will be taken from him;
In accordance to the law of osmosis;
Sayest not I the lord;
But the love of your ambition.
Yes, I was an accountant;
Tending to my book keeping;
All hadn’t been rosy;
Balancing had always yielded negative;
Until one day, lo, heaven opened above me;
A voice rang out, saying!
Your cry has reached unto me;
Forgo ye the barren land of accounting;
Come, theology is the alternative for you;
Soon, uncountable will be your Rolls Royce;
You’ll build terbanacle and university;
Even from daily toil and sweat of your congregation;
Will you flourished and dined at ease;
Sayest not I the lord;
But the greed dwelleth within you.
This is how the snake has feasted;
Ever since, on Adam and eve “mumunity”;
Yes, “mumunity”, and if you doubt my vocabulary;
Let me show you from oduacyclopedia;
From the spiritual proximity of Lamurudu;
Ancient odu oro of ancestral Yorubas;
Beyond the Garden of Eden;
“Mumunity” is a synonym of “stupidity”;
Shout a-la-la-yah (hallelujah), somebody!
Arapachapa chapa chapa... (Speaking in tongue)
====deola mcaguns.

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