Saturday, June 6, 2009


Nigerian music is now being encompassed by a borrowed culture of American Hip-hop. Ever stronger becomes the pressure, sharply obliterating the beauty of our indigenous music due to the current dense nebulous amalgamation of Nigerian and American culture. It is unfortunate Nigerians, especially the Yoruba youths, do not value their culture.
However, they forgot, an urobo will always be urobo, irrespective of his mastery of Hip-hop slang or any mouth contortion or distortion in morbid attempt to sound like the Americans. This stupidity is like the invertebrate which expended its vitality in the over-development of its thoracic cavity in attempts to have big brains like the mammals. Is it not denigrating or outright shameful, when you see artists from Nigeria dressed in winter hooded shirts, because he believes it is a fashion trend, or civilization, simply because it emanated from the United States?
It is enough time to stop this nonsensical, and I just hope the media will rise up, and write to discourage this malady. True progress for each people lies solely in the advancement of its own culture. A people can only progress through the upward development of what it already possesses, and not by the adoption of something it has borrowed. It is not something personally achieved, not a result of the people’s own spirit, of which alone it could and must be proud.
Look at a Yoruba woman who dresses herself in European or Asian clothes, and then see her when she wears the costume of the Yoruba people! What a difference! How much she loses when wearing clothes alien to her country! Same thing as in clothes is in music, hence the secret of the success and international recognition of King Sunny Ade, and Fela Kuti.
We ought to become indigenous in the purest sense, because true progress for each people lies solely in the development of its own culture. ======deola.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


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