Thursday, December 11, 2008


It’s a pity we’d not given cognition 2 the vitality of a name,as regards the voting of a candidate in2 presidency. If man is what his name says,little wonder Americans,indeed the world eight years journey and travail in the bush thru bush. Every man’s name stands in the infallible law of creation. Thank God our intuitive perception was again refined for the needed change,hence the overwhelmed vote for barack. Let everyone hails our emergence in2 barack-our twilight of hope and security in a symbolic manner of military cantonment. ===DEOLA McAGUNS===

apocalypse of economy bail-out

The United States dropped its missile of economy bail-out into the air, and out of the white house came a loud voice from the throne, saying, "It is done!" Then there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder and a severe economic earthquake. No economy bomb like it has ever occurred since the human race has been on earth, so tremendous was its effervescence. Petroleum price fell from its pedestal height, and the budget of nations collapsed. Americans remembered OPEC the Great and gave it the cup filled with the wine of the fury of hatred. Thus, Is it not a great self delusion for Nigeria government to think it can check mate the resultant effervescence from the economy missile shut by the united states, even when Japan-the most stable economy have no hiding place? What magical feat of financial abracadabra is Mr. Soludo going 2 perform that has not been explored by Japanese and the Europeans, to no avail? Why did Mr. Soludo wait this long, till the United States had shut the economy missile, before the thought about stabilizing naira value occurred to him? This is like the billions of Lilliputians trying to drag or move a foot of Gulliver as he lay asleep. Ladies and gentlemen, if nobody has not told Soludo the truth of the apocalypse of which the United States released the economy bail-out, he should endeavor and take cue from Japan. His college degree in economy abstract and theories is too limited to clear fumes of American bomb. It’s too late for Nigeria to seek a naira asylum. We can only eat our cake and have it by vomit, only. The past years of oil windfall should have been a blessing, but alas, we were too prodigious to see beyond our horizon. Let everybody adjust to the gnashing of teeth while dancing to the rhythm of Zulus shout of koom-koom, when they meant doom-doom.
Instead of our grudge against or condemnation of Americans, let us hail their greatness. Not the greatness that emanated from the constant voyage to space and moon, neither the bombardments/ dethroned of Taliban and Hussein, neither the atomic bomb a la Nagasaki/Hiroshima, but the underground maneuver to keep their economy stable, in spite of all odds-the economy bail-out. It is wondrous, how it roared in thunder and killed from far away, to the extent the organization of petroleum exporting countries had no choice but to be satisfied and bring down prices per barrel of crude oil. Please, excuse my usage of the words of Alan Quarterman in king solomon's mines. I could not help but imagine how the European allies, Russian and Japan scurried to guard against the suffocating effects on their economy. Aftermath, the dollar rose stronger, the price of gas fell, while the Zulus in Africa shouted "koom, koom", instead of doom, doom. No thanks to sir H. Rider Haggard, who wrote King Solomon's Mines. HAIL DE AMERICANS. ===DEOLA McAGUNS


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