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Friday, September 28, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012


1. Cell membranes are bilayer phospholipids;
Keep some molecules out and others in;
The lining of the layer’s hydrophilic;
Chorus:  The gradient! The gradient!
After all, all animals aren’t equal;
Like the injustice of Jonathan and PDP empire
Nigeria moves along the corruption gradient
2. it’s a breeze for cell to conduct diffusion;
 In a selective permeability;
Allowing certain things to pass;
While barring other things;
Chorus: The gradient! Diffusion gradient!
From a higher to a lower concentration;
Unlike Jonathan and PDP empire;
From him that has not is taken;
Hallelujah! Thanks to the wisdom of Christ...

Monday, September 10, 2012


“Let us go then;
Where we have never had to go before;
Straight down into the heart of the horror;
Of half-deserted, blasted, bloody streets;
With the earth shuddering beneath our feet;
We watch the memory of the lights that have vanished;
From these Twin Towers of man's belief;
In humanity and world peace, fade...
Seeing as we've never seen before;
Our transfigured anger redeeming our sight;
The diffuse visualization of justice;
Blossoming from that anger seeking the light;
Our hearts of darkness breaking;
From the sound of rolling thunder;
Asking the eternal question;
“What is wrong?” “What is right?”
Those who were living are now dead;
We who are living are now dying;
Moment by moment;
With little patience for mercy or regret;
Wondering is the very air we live by safe;
This is the end of innocence.
The time for saving grace”
=============Michael Hillmer

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Ariyo! O, Ariyo de Banso!
I'm gonna miss ya;
Your death breaks my heart;
It's a tragedy for me;
To see the dream’s over;
Like a rainbow fading;
In the twinkling of an eye;
The Ajowans will miss ya;
Like a sunset dying;
With the rising of the moon;
I'm gonna miss you;
Yea, Deola selede lehin re;
Omo iludotun selede lehin re;
Ajowa selede lehin re,Ariyo mi;
Akoko selede lehin re o, Banso;
Ariyo! Banso, Ariyo of Ajowa!



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