Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Ye, ye, ye, eemo ree o!
Ole igara ro wo ilu o o;
Won ti gbewa l’aso lo;
Ye, ye, ye, eemo ree o!
Awon igara ro wo’lu o;
Won ti gbewa l’aso lo;             
Jaguda lukutu pepe e;
Bode, Oduah, Bankole;
Faruk Liman, menalo!
Femi Otedola, Diezani!
Andooka, yes, adooke!
Stealing ni pase-pase!
Trillion fiam lojojumo!
Naija under Jonathan;
Ye, ti Jona-tan, laulau!
Hah, ogiri loun o saa!
Eda aye, adede igbo o;
E bawa wa awo wa o;
K'ewe oko milengbe!

Gosh, it is abomination;
Evil’s entered the land
This is an abomination;
The thieves, vagabonds;
Permeates the land, in;
The cloaks of aondoaka;
Bankole, Oduah, Diezani;
Faruk Liman, Emenalo!
Otedola, Bode George!
Aondo-oka, aondo-oke!
Stealing, so un-limited!
$Trillions disappearing;
Everyday in and day out
Nigeria under Jonathan;
[Jonathan, in Yoruba =
Jonatan (burnt down)]
Ti Jona-tan (burnt) o o!
In this suffocation, the;
Wall refuses to run o;
Let the deities and all;
Men, hurry to safe us;
So, there'll be peace!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


   “All things bright and beautiful;
    All creatures great and small;
    All things wise and wonderful;
    The Lord God made them all.
    He gave us eyes to see them;
    And lips that we might tell;
    How great is God Almighty;
    Who's made all things well!”
    =DEOLA (Fro. Anglican Hymn)
For the beauty o' the earth;
For the beauty o' the skies;
For the love which;
From me birth;
Over and 'round me lies;
Christ my Lord;
To Thee I raise;
My sacrifice of praise.
For the joy o' ear and eye;
Heart and brain's delight;
For the mystic harmony;
Sinking sense;
To sound and sight;
For the joy o' human love;
Brother, sister;
Friends on earth;
And friends above,
Each perfect gift of thine;
Christ my Lord;
To Thee I raise;
My sacrifice of praise.

=DEOLA (Fro. Anglican Hymn)


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