Thursday, March 19, 2009

Re: Rebranding Nigeria-vangaurd wed. march 18,2009

Basket-mouth wan open im mouth again ooo. So, fellow Nigerians listen to me with open mind. Because, na truth I wan talk again.
Now, here we go. Just last night I read from the Nigerian vanguard how our government is preoccupied with the idea to re-brand Nigeria in the hope to stirrup Nigerians to have confidence in themselves and the entity called Nigeria.
Ladies and gentlemen, I could not but wonder why the government would propose a re-branding at the pedestal of financial mismanagement and economic imbroglio or economic melt-down. How can Nigeria be re-branded when majority of people are unemployed, hungry and angry? How can Nigeria be re-branded without obedience to the rule of law? How can Nigerians have confidence in themselves and Nigeria when justice is dispensed with biasness? How can Nigerians portray the country image positively when money launderers, looters of public funds, election riggers et al are glorified and harbored by government? What is our benefit to build further our house on sand dunes? Definitely, this government is confused and we’ve got a lot of trouble hovering around and over us-ready to annihilate in a slight momentum.
Therefore, am again to say to you that, it is our prerogative to tell Mr. president that we have outgrown the childhood ignorance whereby a parent would put stone on fire and be telling his/her child to be patient for meal. There is the need for us to strive and wrestle ourselves out from the dominion of pdp mafias, because forever they’ll be too hot for comfort.
I understand the problem about economic melt down and how to maneuver out of the suffocation. But I do not understand the preoccupation with the launch to re-brand us,like manufactured goods, while people like Ibori and co are roller-coasting and singing hosanna in the name of yara-dua et aondoaka. ====deola

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a mega-house in a mega-city

Behold a mega-house in a mega-city of Lagos Nigeria. At least, if the whites built a "white house" in washington DC, blacks gotta have a "black house". ===deola


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